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Jackie Chan’s Fantasia: Will the forgotten anime series from China be running in Germany soon?

Every fan knows “Jackie Chan Adventures”, Jackie Chan’s first cartoon television series from the USA. From 2000 to 2005 it ran on US television and drew its circles around the world, including successfully to Germany. Only a few years later, Jackie Chan added his own Chinese anime series that hardly anyone in the West knows to this day.

By Thorsten Boose 2. December 2018 Off

Jackie Chan’s “Railroad Tigers” is back at Koch Media again

What is wrong with Splendid Film, the German Jackie Chan label par excellence? First Koch Media secured the rights to Jackie Chan’s sequel to “The Myth” from 2005 called “Kung Fu Yoga” (2017), then the German distributor shines with the first Blu-ray release of “The Prisoner” (1991) including the much sought-after Taiwanese long version. And now Koch Media is leasing another Chan blockbuster from the Cologne film label Splendid Film: “Railroad Tigers” from 2016.

By Thorsten Boose 16. August 2017 Off