“Kung Fu Yoga” with Jackie Chan receives confusing additional German title

“Kung Fu Yoga” with Jackie Chan receives confusing additional German title

29. June 2017 Off By Thorsten Boose

Twelve years have passed since Jackie Chan and his favourite director Stanley Tong produced the Hong Kong blockbuster “The Myth”. In 2017, the two reunited for the action adventure “Kung Fu Yoga”. Here in Germany the film will unfortunately only be available on Blu-ray and DVD, not on the big screen. Koch Media has secured the rights to it. From September 28, 2017, Jackie Chan fans from Germany, Switzerland and Austria can look forward to watching a brilliant adventure movie at home.

Did you know? “Kung Fu Yoga” is a sequel to “The Myth”.

Even if the trend in Germany has been towards identical film titles for years – English-language film titles are being adopted 1: 1 – many distributors are trying to push the chances for their release. So Koch Media decided to add the subtitle “The golden arm of the gods”. Pretty theatrical and kind of familiar. There is nothing to be said against an additional title that touches on the content of the film, but why does it have to be an additional title that would fit better into the “Armour of God” series, which has nothing to do with “The Myth”?

“Armour Of God” (1986) has the additional German title “The right arm of the gods”. “Armour Of God 2 – Operation Condor” (1991) has the additional German title “The strong arm of the gods”. In 2012, the third part of the series was released with “CZ12” or “Armour of God 3 – Chinese Zodiac”, in Germany simply “Armour of God: Chinese Zodiac”. Here, too, the work was not done consistently enough, but this is likely to be at the expense of Jackie Chan who wanted to raise his successful film series from back then to a modern level.

So why does “Kung Fu Yoga” now have the appropriate, at first glance, but rather misplaced additional title “The golden arm of the gods”? Both film series are successful action adventures, and thanks to the relaunched Dragon Edition of Splendid Film (Amasia) everyone is talking about it again. This is a gentle way of making a reference to Jackie Chan’s films but at the same time it creates confusion in the already chaotic title landscape of Hong Kong action films from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Conclusion: Still a hit!

Admittedly, “The golden arm of the gods” as an additional title is lit! Maybe an idea for a re-release of “Armour of God 3 – Chinese Zodiac” so that “Kung Fu Yoga” could possibly do without an additional title, as “The Myth” did? But that would probably cause even more confusion. Let’s just look forward to the new blockbuster produced and starred by Jackie Chan and thank Koch Media for the excellent equipment on the Blu-ray and DVD.

Kung Fu Yoga – Der goldene Arm der Götter

EAN: 4020628780098
release date: 28.09.2017 (Blu-ray, DVD)
FSK: 12

adventure / action / thriller | action comedy

year of production: 2017
duration: approx. 107 min.

bonus features: featurettes, making-of, Bollywood dance, funny behind the scenes, trailer, still gallery

source: Koch Media GmbH