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Mysterious Jackie Chan cameo in the film “Fists And Guts” (1979) by director Lau Kar-Wing?

In the late 1970s, Jackie Chan was a star that everyone recognized on the streets of Hong Kong thanks to his films “Snake In The Eagle’s Shadow” and “Drunken Master”, both from 1978, as well as the freshly released “The Fearless Hyena”. Still contractually bound to Lo Wei, he sometimes helped his friends Sammo Hung and Chen Chi-Hwa as an action director away from the camera. From this very time there is a strange hint of a hidden cameo by Jackie Chan.

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Jackie Chan’s daughter claims she is homeless because of homophobic parents

It was only a few months ago that Etta Ng, Jackie Chan’s illegitimate daughter, came out as gay. Since then, she has been living out her relationship with Audi Autumn, a 12-year-old influencer who is active on Instagram under the nickname @stolenmilktea, in public. That is frowned upon in conservative China, but now the 18-year-old wants to take advantage of her father Jackie Chan’s fame.

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Jackie Chan’s racing career since 1984 | Jackie Chan DC Racing winner at 2017 Le Mans

That actor Jackie Chan is a fan of fast cars is proven by his blockbuster “Thunderbolt” from 1995, in which he has to win a race to save his family. There are also great chase scenes with luxury cars in the new film “Kung Fu Yoga” (2017). But Jackie Chan’s career as a racing driver began in 1984 on a semi-professional level thanks to Mitsubishi.

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