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“You can win an Oscar for playing a stuntman but not for being one” – A comment

Stunt performers have been part of the film business since the beginning of moving pictures. Even though they have always made film stars shine with their anonymous and breakneck actions, they still don’t get the respect they deserve when it comes to the Oscars. Why is that the case? A few thoughts on this.

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The Jackie Chan story: Kabel eins documentary for 65th birthday of “Chan the Man” reviewed

Jackie Chan celebrated his 65th birthday on April 7, 2019. In his honor, the German TV broadcaster Kabel eins had a documentary made, which premiered on April 8, 2019. Unfortunately, some errors crept in here, but before you criticize them, you should appreciate the thought and effort behind this full-length documentary, especially in Germany.

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Like son like father: Charles Chan’s guest appearances in Jackie Chan’s films

The actor and director Jackie Chan does not come from an acting family like his Hollywood colleagues Michael Douglas, Michael Keaton or Charlie Sheen. With his breakthrough in the late 1970s, he not only ensured that his friends and stuntman colleagues got film jobs, but he also made up for lost time with his father on his own film sets – sometimes in front of the camera.

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Animal/human friend Jackie Chan committed to the environment in 3-part documentary “Green Heroes”

Jackie Chan is not just an action star and kung fu clown. He has lived out his benevolent streak for decades, supporting flood and earthquake victims and campaigning for the protection of species of tigers, rhinos, elephants and pangolins. Together with National Geographic and Buick, a documentary series on modern environmental protection is now being created.

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First trailer for the documentary “Earth: One Amazing Day” with Jackie Chan as narrator

When the BBC decided to bring a documentary film to the cinema after the documentary TV series “Planet Earth” (2006), the risk of failure was calculable, as more and more HD documentaries were celebrating their cinema premieres at the time. In 2007, “Our Earth” stormed the worldwide movie charts, and the long-awaited sequel followed almost exactly ten years later – once again with a star cast off the screen.

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