“OPERATION FORTUNE” (2023) | Film Review

“OPERATION FORTUNE” (2023) | Film Review

31. May 2024 Off By Thorsten Boose

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“The best agents are stars”

I love spy films, conspiracies and tech villains. And when GUY RITCHIE pulls out his director’s guns, you’re in for an entertaining film experience.

In “OPERATION FORTUNE” (2023), actor and stuntman DANNY is blackmailed into becoming an agent, thus picking up on the old tale that even Elvis Presley worked for the CIA. Imagine the stories.

But this is not about the CIA. A tough AUBREY PLAZA steals the show from an otherwise even tougher JASON STATHAM, even if her character could cut a few sarcasm points. STATHAM is getting older, but you don’t notice that here because he doesn’t have to exhaust his full-contact fights.

I’ve always had my difficulties with HUGH GRANT. I don’t really get him as a villain, even though he makes a good impression in the finale.

The basic theme of the film couldn’t be more topical: an AI is stolen to sell to the highest bidder, who can do what he wants with it, when he wants, with whom he wants. Without it being possible to trace it back to him. What was still visions of the future in the first “MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE” (1996) is already real today.

And this is where it becomes dangerous, both for the story and – as ELON MUSK said – in real life: If everything becomes possible with AI, doesn’t that take away the appeal of a lot of things? I am almost certain that we will address this question in part two.

Until then, I recommend “OPERATION FORTUNE” to anyone who wants to enjoy an entertaining evening of action without too much of a complex story. It’s not enough for comedy, but you still enjoy watching the many changes of location and costume.

In my opinion, this film will also be used retrospectively as an argument to promote and proclaim the stunt Oscar category soon. In any case, I was delighted to experience JOSH HARTNETT in his old manner.

Recommendable 6.4 out of 10 stars

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