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1960-1969: Jackie Chan’s first steps – A look back at lost and rediscovered films

It is well known that Jackie Chan was already in front of the camera at the age of eight and played a small role in the film “The 7 Tyrants Of Jiangnan” (1963), also known as “Big And Little Wong Tin Bar”. During his education at the China Drama Academy under Yu Jim-Yuen, he and his classmates were often loaned out to film studios to generate additional income for the school’s coffers.

By Thorsten Boose 17. August 2023 Off

Sensation: Jackie Chan discovered in old Bill Cosby TV series from the 60s!

It may sound unlikely, but it’s true: A young Jackie Chan is hiding in an episode of the hit 1960s TV series “I Spy” starring Robert Culp and Bill Cosby. The fact that the then 11-year-old Jackie Chan and some of his friends appeared in a US TV series should be considered a great coincidence – or was it good research by the producers?

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