“BEING ELMO” (2011) | Film Review

“BEING ELMO” (2011) | Film Review

3. June 2024 Off By Thorsten Boose

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The world needs more Elmo!

There are good reasons why you should watch this documentary. Firstly, because it will awaken your inner child and remind you of “better” times. And secondly, because the story of KEVIN CLASH can serve as a model for good parenting.

Even as a child, Clash knew that he wanted to make a career with hand puppets and got to know JIM HENSON and FRANK OZ and was allowed to call them his friends and colleagues. But just imagine the bullying a young African-American in Baltimore in the 1970s had to endure because he played with “puppets”.

Clash had two advantages, his father and his mother. Both recognised the passion and talent in their offspring and actively supported him wherever they could. This should not be taken for granted and Clash never did. He ultimately incorporated this philosophy of life into the role of his life: ELMO.

From 1985 to 2012, Clash was Elmo in the worldwide favourite “SESAMESTREET” and made children’s hearts beat faster – and Elmo still does today. If you’re lucky enough to be a parent, you shouldn’t miss out on this film experience. And anyone with a heart shouldn’t miss it anyway.

Heart-warming 7 out of 10 stars

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