Animal/human friend Jackie Chan committed to the environment in 3-part documentary “Green Heroes”

Jackie Chan is not just an action star and kung fu clown. He has lived out his benevolent streak for decades, supporting flood and earthquake victims and campaigning for the protection of species of tigers, rhinos, elephants and pangolins. Together with National Geographic and Buick, a documentary series on modern environmental protection is now being created.

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Clarified: Jackie Chan is not in “Come Drink With Me” from 1966

When Jackie Chan’s autobiography “I am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action” appeared in collaboration with Jeff Yang in 1998, readers found an officially verified list of films in which the Hong Kong film legend had worked in front of and behind the camera for the first time. This list goes back to the early 1960s. Hardly anyone knew at the time that it contained a lot of misinformation, not even Jackie Chan.

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Jackie Chan’s “Railroad Tigers” is back at Koch Media again

What is wrong with Splendid Film, the German Jackie Chan label par excellence? First Koch Media secured the rights to Jackie Chan’s sequel to “The Myth” from 2005 called “Kung Fu Yoga” (2017), then the German distributor shines with the first Blu-ray release of “The Prisoner” (1991) including the much sought-after Taiwanese long version. And now Koch Media is leasing another Chan blockbuster from the Cologne film label Splendid Film: “Railroad Tigers” from 2016.

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