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Filmtech – Jackie Chan’s forgotten film equipment rental company (UPDATED)

When I started work on my text “Jackie Chan, a trademark designed to succeed” for the 88 films release of one of my favourite Jackie Chan films “Armour Of God” in the spring of 2021, I knew that the article would be exorbitantly long and detailed and that I would have to open and close a site that had remained hidden for decades: Jackie’s film equipment rental company.

By Thorsten Boose 18. October 2022 Off

Jackie Chan’s racing career since 1984 | Jackie Chan DC Racing winner at 2017 Le Mans

That actor Jackie Chan is a fan of fast cars is proven by his blockbuster “Thunderbolt” from 1995, in which he has to win a race to save his family. There are also great chase scenes with luxury cars in the new film “Kung Fu Yoga” (2017). But Jackie Chan’s career as a racing driver began in 1984 on a semi-professional level thanks to Mitsubishi.

By Thorsten Boose 5. November 2017 Off