About me

Jackie Chan’s movies and Hong Kong cinema itself already fascinated me when I was very young. My hobby paved the way for me becoming an author. Today, I combine my passion for movies with my job by writing about the Hong Kong film legend. I set myself a goal: Providing important and rare information about Jackie Chan as an expert and historian for German speaking fans.

Thorsten Boose

By 2021, I decided to translate all of my Jackie Chan articles into English with this new website. I hope you enjoy, please be kind since I am still improving my English skills.

My work as an author started back in 2008. Even before and during my studies I dealt with a wide variety of text types on a freelance basis. Since then I have been doing commissioned work in all areas of text and conceptual work. In addition to more than 50 publications in different subjects so far, I am also continuously working on my own books, eBooks and plays.

As a counterbalance to the time-consuming but exciting work as a Jackie Chan historian, I dedicate myself to healthy eating, sporting activities and hiking.