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Clothes make the Chan: Breaking the Fourth Wall

Do you have prejudices? Even in ancient Rome it was said: Vestis virum reddit. At that time, one should not feign prosperity by dressing appropriately. Over the course of centuries, many clever people have addressed this issue. In 1874, the Swiss lyricist Gottfried Keller elaborated on this rather human trait of paying attention to appearances and associating them with familiar patterns in his novella “Kleider machen Leute” (translated as “Clothes make the people”).

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Jackie Chan’s racing career since 1984 | Jackie Chan DC Racing winner at 2017 Le Mans

That actor Jackie Chan is a fan of fast cars is proven by his blockbuster “Thunderbolt” from 1995, in which he has to win a race to save his family. There are also great chase scenes with luxury cars in the new film “Kung Fu Yoga” (2017). But Jackie Chan’s career as a racing driver began in 1984 on a semi-professional level thanks to Mitsubishi.

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