“Let’s talk”, the 2nd season

After a year, the “Meister aller Podcasts” is back with a different outfit and concept: From now on I’ll talk to you about current topics in the Jackie Chan Extended Universe (JCEU), give you even deeper insights into the history of the film legend and I invite guests to talk to.

[German only for now, sorry!]

Welcome to “Meister aller Podcasts”, the first Jackie Chan podcast in German. I am your host Thorsten Boose and only here you’ll get everything you need to know from the world of Jackie Chan. A podcast made by fans for fans.

episode 8 – Outro

Thank you for all your comments and messages here on YouTube and on the Facebook page of “Meister aller Podcasts”. In today’s last episode of season 1, I’ll respond to your feedback and give you a little preview of a possible (!) season 2. Are you up for more?

episode 8 from 14.05.2020

episode 7 – Ich lebe mit Jackie Chan

As a global star, Jackie Chan is not only often parodied in films, but the actor also seems to have a few guest appearances here and there in literature. Based on the youth novel “Living with Jackie Chan” by Jo Knowles, I’ll show you what something like this can look like and also give other examples – Jackie Chan in book form is much more common than you might think.

episode 7 from 07.05.2020

episode 6 – Jackie Chan Ghost Story

Jackie Chan told this ghost story exactly once: in 1989 on the Hong Kong celebrity talk show. Exclusively for the first time in German, I’ll tell you what Jackie revealed to the show hosts at that time and how it influenced his private and professional life. Very few fans are aware of this Jackie Chan ghost story.

episode 6 from 30.04.2020

episode 5 – Neue Filme von Jackie Chan

Although the film world is currently standing still, there is a lot to report from the Jackie Chan Extended Universe (JCEU). More than a dozen Jackie Chan films are currently waiting in the pipeline for either their German release or the start of production and post-production. Today, I cover all films that have been planned for the next few years since 2019.

episode 5 from 23.04.2020

episode 4 – 5 geheime Fakten über Jackie Chan, Teil 2

In the second part of the secret facts about Jackie Chan, I explain who was responsible for turning the young talent into a star at the tender age of 17 in 1973 and what the well-known Jackie Chan curse is all about. Did it pass from Bruce Lee to Jackie Chan after his death? And why did they want to kill Jackie Chan? Faith moves mountains, belief in oneself worlds.

episode 4 from 16.04.2020

episode 3 – Fans gratulieren Jackie zum 66.

Today, actor and director Jackie Chan turns 66. Of course, I warmly congratulate him on his special day. But in today’s episode, a few of his German-speaking fans should also have their say and tell their story. “Meister aller Podcasts” is a podcast made by fans for fans.

episode 3 from 07.04.2020

episode 2 – Neues vom Filmführer

Do you already know my book DER NEUE DEUTSCHE JACKIE CHAN FILMFÜHRER from 2018? If so, you can now read some information. If not, then listen attentively and I bet you will feel like delving deeper into the Jackie Chan Extended Universe (JCEU) afterwards. Below are the links to the book and my online article.

episode 2 from 02.04.2020

episode 1 – 5 geheime Fakten über Jackie Chan, Teil 1

Jackie Chan’s name isn’t Jackie Chan at all, he doesn’t do all of his stunts himself and is even afraid of needles. These are just a few rumors about the Hong Kong action star – but which ones are true? In this episode I’ll explain the background and link two very important posts below for reading and sharing.

episode 1 from 26.03.2020

episode 0 – Intro/Kanalvorstellung

Since the two videos of the past few days were not originally planned, but I want to stay true to my original plan, today there is the “zeroth” episode, the intro, the channel presentation in the official form of the master of all podcasts. So let’s get started!

episode 0 from 19.03.2020