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All New Jackie Chan Adventures: Episode Guide for the Chinese animated series

After the success of “Rush Hour” (1998), the US wanted to make the name Jackie Chan better known among the younger generation. In 2000 the successful animation series “Jackie Chan Adventures” started, which celebrated worldwide success in a total of five seasons. This was followed by a video game and Jackie’s willingness to add a second animation series.

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Jackie Chan’s stunt team members from 1976 to today in a complete overview

The 70s were the heyday of the Eastern genre. Stuntmen were in demand, but were treated more as props than as specialists on the film set. Jackie Chan wanted to change that and founded the Sing Ga Ban in 1976 with a few friends and colleagues. From then on, Jackie’s stunt team advocated better working conditions for stuntmen and gave themselves and his team more work in films. This team, also known as the Jackie Chan Family, still exists today. This is the one and only complete list of all Jackie Chan stunt team members.

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